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We have identified the need to have a varied and diverse selection of educators within the UK education system to meet the constantly transforming needs of our learning environments and have taken the action to have presence across the globe to meet this need. Furthermore, working in partnership with learning environments to ensure that this diverse talent pool is inducted into the UK means that the responsibility for assimilation is shared, community focussed and successful to the point that a positive impact will be made on teaching and learning.

Meet the team

Anthony has worked at Teach Now since 2012 and is a solid member of the Teach Now family – Anthony has had a really successful few years with the business working extensively with Islington, Hackney and Enfield.  Anthony really loves the matching part of his job, working with teachers and schools to identify the perfect match.  Anthony has really enjoyed cultivating working relationships into friendships over the years.

The part of the Teach Now ethos that really calls out to Anthony is the fact that we don’t just put bums on seats, he believes that only the right teacher should be put in any classroom!

Anthony always strives for the best!  It really bothers Anthony when he has trouble locating the right teacher for all of the client schools that ask for his help – the teacher shortage and individual school requirements mean that he isn’t able to get it 100% all of the time and although he always has a back-up plan for his clients – it still bothers him!

Anthony values feedback and that’s what gives him his job satisfaction.  It always makes him feel good to know that he has done his job properly and that has been recognised – this is why Anthony remains in close contact with all of the teachers that he has ever placed and actually has ongoing relationships with them, even when they are no longer part of the Teach Now family because he has placed them successfully.

If Anthony was a Superhero he would want the ability to fly so that he could make sure teachers get to school and he wouldn’t have to deal with lateness calls!

Anthony Finnegan

Primary Recruitment Consultant

Having worked at Teach Now since 2011 Steph is one of our veteran consultants.  Steph has built amazing relationships with both her client schools and the teachers that work for her as a result of her adaptable and approachable communication style.  Steph loves to be out of the office visiting her client schools and meeting the teachers on site to ensure that everyone is comfortable and happy!  

The Teach Now ethos is incredibly important to Stephanie and she always goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone she is in contact with feels that the service is personal and tailored to them.

Steph hates to let people down, she takes it very personally when she cannot offer an NQT a role quickly or has to tell a school that she cannot provide them with a supply teacher on the same day because everybody is booked out – Steph will leave no opportunity unexplored for her clients or candidates.

One of Stephanie’s greatest times with Teach Now was when she was asked to tour Canadian Universities with the international department in order to attract the best talent possible to teach in the UK – Steph takes great pleasure in knowing that she has supported these candidates right from their home town to now being in the UK and teaching in her client schools within Barnet and Hertfordshire.

If Stephanie was a Superhero she would want all the same powers as Iron Man – because she would like to be indestructible!

Stephanie Robertson

Primary Recruitment Consultant

Having been with the business since 2013 leading the recruitment of all Teaching Assistants, Tabish is a well-respected and valued member of the Teach Now family.  Tabish has a real passion for working with support workers and has a genuine interest in Special Educational Needs within both mainstream and specialist environments.

The client and candidate experience is so important to Tabish which is why he really takes on board the Teach Now ethos and always goes the extra mile to ensure that his service is first class.

Working within support and SEN means that sometimes Tabish is aware of gaps in provision that are not closed due to funding or administration issues, this affects Tabish as he would like to be able to ensure that all learners can access support for learning regardless of statement or pupil premium etc.

Tabish recalls his outstanding moment from his Teach Now career as the time that he matched a Teaching Assistant with a None Verbal ASD learner, as a direct result of this match the learner made progress and became verbal within a term – prompting an official Thank You to Tabish from SLT and the child parents for his passion and drive in facilitating the match.

If Tabish could have any power, it would be the power of Omnilinguism – which is the power to understand and speak all languages – removing all barriers to communication.

Tabish Ashraf

Teaching Assistant Recruitment Consultant

Jason has worked for Teach Now in various different roles over the years and has recently moved into the Talent Acquisition Team where he can really put to use his communication skills – Jason loves to hear people’s life stories and establish motivations and help people to move forward to the next stage of their career and life.

Jason values the Teach Now ethos of being absolutely down to earth and understanding of the need for a work/life balance.  Jason loves that everybody is respected and never treated like a number.

Jason is a natural talker but also an excellent listener, he seeks to understand exactly what each of his candidates wants and will then work tirelessly with the recruitment team to ensure that client schools are proactively approached to obtain appropriate opportunities for the candidate. 

One of his special moments at Teach Now was when he spoke to candidate that was so disillusioned with agencies and really didn’t want to have her time wasted again.  Jason listened to her story and was curious about her life and history, as a result of this Jason was so impressed that he offered her a Secure Guaranteed Pay Contract and the candidate accepted.

As Jason is so nosy if he could have a superpower he would choose invisibility so he could be extra nosy!

Jason Hood

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Working with Teach Now since mid-2015 Andrea has really grasped the ethos of Teach Now and is working tirelessly on perfecting the Talent Acquisition side of the business in both the UK and Internationally, Andrea even loves getting in at 7am to call teachers and Universities in New Zealand and Australia and even loves staying late to do the same thing in Canada!

Andrea really likes the respect that Teach Now has for education, which as a result means that the recruitment practices are ethical, refreshing and innovative!

As somebody that has joined Teach Now from the corporate world of business, Andrea has a strong belief in each candidate getting a personal and tailored experience for them to ensure that their journey with Teach Now is seamless and of maximum benefit.  

Andrea loves working for Teach Now because she can tangibly make a difference to an educator’s career and life. It has been of great joy to her that she no longer works in a corporate environment where everyone is expected to be a clone of the next person!  Working for a company that genuinely cares about the education of our future generations gives her immense satisfaction.

If Andrea had a superpower she would like the power of Alchemy, mostly so that she can give gold to schools so that they can spend more money on teachers!

Andrea Papaconstantinou

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Carly Dearman

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Becki joined the Teach Now family in 2015 and has been instrumental in applying the changes to the process for UK teachers and Support Workers.  Becki does not like to waste time, her own or anyone else’s and always strives to ensure that the Teach Now service is compliant, quick and completely painless for all. 

The Teach Now ethos is important to Becki, the most important part of which is that life is kept as simple as possible for our clients and candidates alike.

Becki hails from the North of England and takes a no nonsense approach to compliance and legislation, with excellent customer service and attention to detail.  Becki works very closely with the Talent Acquisition Team to ensure that candidates move through the process quickly.

Becki’s biggest achievement has been working closely with the Board of Directors to pilot a new, interactive method of requesting and receiving references.  This involved lots of candidate analysis, technical and legislative skill, the impact of this was that over the summer holiday period a record number of references were received.

For her superpower, Becki would choose the power of mind control so that she could force referees to return references quickly!

Becki Northam

Administrator Manager

Kelly is a veteran of the Teach Now family and has been instrumental in the administration set up of the company, as a result of which Kelly is very much a solid leader within the team and lives and breathes the company ethos!

Kelly and Becki share the same work and the same passion for delivering a high quality of work with maximum efficiency to ensure that candidates are happy and secure.

Having worked in this same capacity for a lot of years, Kelly’s knowledge of Teacher Compliance and Administration runs very deep and she is able guide teachers clearly through the process, this is incredibly important to Kelly because she doesn’t like anyone feeling lost or abandoned.

Kelly has done lots of work with the International Director to facilitate a process that was never in place previously, this has included extensive research in the overseas education area as well and learning and developing a new communication style that is appropriate for each country in question; Australia, Canada, New Zealand and of course the UK.

For her superpower, Kelly would choose invulnerability so that she wouldn’t be affected by the stresses, strains and emotions of the people that she speaks to during their plans to move overseas!

Kelly Bishop

Administration Manager

Joseph is one of the founding fathers of the Teach Now enterprise and has been with the business throughout all of the changes, fluctuations and ultimate growth.  Joseph has been involved at every level of the business and now ensures that the business is futureproof by cultivating high level business relationships globally and bolstering Teach Now with the other Now Group companies.

Over the last 15 years Joseph has built, cultivated and maintained robust relationships at all levels of the recruitment life cycle and the human connection is something Joseph very much presses to be part of the Teach Now culture and ethos.

Joseph would like to leave a standing legacy within the UK education system whereby he can demonstrate impact on education through global investments and creating a global educator network that will facilitate cross country learning & development at educator level. 
The fact that Teach Now has grown continually since inception is of great pride to Joseph and it is his passion that emotions remain at the heart of Teach Now, very much with the commercial underpinnings that the Board of Directors bring.

If Joseph had the option of a superpower, he would choose super healing, so that he would never have to deal with pain and suffering.

Joseph McCann


Vinesh is one of the founding fathers of the Teach Now enterprise and has been with the business throughout all of the changes, fluctuations and ultimate growth.  Vinesh has been involved at every level of the business and now ensures that the business is futureproof and in a position to grow exponentially to accommodate our incoming overseas talent!

Teach Now is like a baby to Vinesh and he is proud of everything that has been achieved and also challenges constantly for more success and growth.

Vinesh would like to be able to influence more schools to be prompt with payments, and to this end is working on innovative and imaginative IT solutions to deliver a timesheet and invoicing system that is revolutionary, environmentally aware and efficient for both candidate and client.

The fact that Teach Now has grown continually since inception is of great pride to Vinesh and he intends to work with the Board of Directors to ensure that this progressive vision is shared and implemented across the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

If Vinesh could have a superpower, he would like the power to print money – just because he’s a Finance Director and he REALLY likes money.

Vinesh Varsani

Finance Director/

Karen is one of our long standing directors, having been with the business since 2010, Karen has lent her hand to every area of the business and has been faced with almost every problem, dilemma or ridiculous situation that you could imagine – making her the perfect organic choice for HR Director.

The Teach Now ethos for fairness, equality and excellence is vital to Karen and she ensures that this message is relayed across the business on a consistent basis.

Karen is extremely emotionally intelligent and very self-aware, it is sometimes a struggle to deal with others that are not quite so self-aware and Karen is tirelessly working on a programme of intervention to ensure that emotional intelligence becomes prevalent throughout the business.

Throughout the years Karen has been faced with so many challenges but her biggest passion is her leadership of Tutor Now which is a sister company to Teach Now and part of The Now Group.  Karen singlehandedly runs this provision to provide educational intervention to disaffected and disadvantaged learners – the current target audience is North London but this is about to spread across Greater London.

Karen’s superpower of choice would be precognition, the ability to predict the future, so she would always be in the best position to save the day!

Karen Griffiths

HR Director

Who we work with

Our mission is to take tangible action globally to ensure that no learner is left behind and no educator is left unrecognised.

Teach Now

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Teach Now core business hours are 07:00 – 19:00, for contact out of these hours please call the office number and you will be redirected to an on call consultant. Alternatively please use the contact form opposite and a representative will contact you during core business hours.

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